Pediatric Dentistry




Oral health of children and adolescents

Pediatric Dentistry is the specialty of Dentistry exclusively dedicated to the maintenance of the oral health of children, adolescents and patients with special needs.

This specialty includes both the treatment and prevention of oral pathologies, since monitoring the development of the so-called "milk teeth" is essential not only to ensure correct phonetic and chewing functions but also, and above all, to diagnose and prevent prematurely potential problems, ensuring healthy permanent teeth.

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  • In order to dedramatize the visit to the Dentist we created MALO KIDS, a ludic and pedagogical space dedicated exclusively to the youngest patients, where they can distract themselves in a fun way while they wait for the moment of the consultation.
  • Our Pediatric Dentistry offices are also equipped and decorated to receive your child in a cozy environment, adapted to the world of children.
  • Although some treatments are similar to the ones for adults, Pediatric Dentistry offers exclusive treatments taking into account the specificities of the age groups in question: smaller body and facial oral dimensions, growing skull and jaw bone, dynamic eruptive process of the dentition and presence of "milk teeth", among others.


1st consultation of Pediatric Dentistry
Your child's first consultation at the dentist is one of the most important consultations the child makes with us, if not the most important one. In this consultation, the child knows the space, the instruments and the team of Pediatric Dentistry.

An evaluation of the risk of caries of the child is carried out, addressing the themes of feeding and brushing, fundamental for the maintenance of correct oral health. Further cleaning and application of topical fluoride as well as intraoral radiographs are performed if necessary. The consultations of this specialty last, in average, 15 to 30 minutes.

At the end of the consultation, the parents are explained the diagnosis and the treatment plan is established.In the absence of oral pathology, the child should visit the dentist at least every 6 months to make an oral evaluation, including oral cleaning and topical application of fluoride.
1st Pediatric Dentistry consultation: when to schedule?
Preventive Orthodontic Monitoring
Dental Injuries
Treatment of cavities
Enamel Defects
Topical Application of Fluoride
Topical Application of Sealants
Oral Health Guidance
Bacterial plaque control

Sedation and General Anesthesia

Patients with fear and anxiety
The Pediatric Dentistry has specific training to deal with the child's fear and anxiety, turning a dental consultation practice into a positive and pleasant experience.

Through an appropriate and adequate language to the child's age, positive reinforcement, explanation of all consultation steps prior to their implementation and other techniques, it is possible to establish a channel of communication between the dentist and the child in order to calm her down.

If the basic behavior control techniques are not sufficient to reassure the child, the dentist may use other solutions.

At MALO CLINIC we have available the technique of conscious sedation by inhalation of nitrogen and oxygen protoxide for patients with mild to moderate anxiety, for patients with severe anxiety, there is the possibility of performing dental treatments under general anesthesia.
Conscious Sedation
General Anesthesia

Treatment of patients with special needs

  • Patients with special needs are a group of patients who include all those who have any physical, mental, sensory, behavioral, cognitive, emotional or other limiting condition that requires medical treatment, health care and / or the use of services and specialized programs. Health care in these patients is beyond what is considered routine, requiring greater attention and specialized training, not only for the medical complications associated with the patient's systemic disease, but also for the specific oral characteristics that they often present.
  • MALO CLINIC Pediatric dentists have specific training for the treatment of these patients, allowing them to be treated in a safe environment, adapted to their needs.

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