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Prosthodontics is a field of dental medicine that allows the replacement of lost teeth, restoring function, health and aesthetics. Lost teeth can be replaced using fixed or removable prosthesis, on teeth or on implants. In general, fixed solutions are preferable to removable prostheses not only for aesthetics and function, but also for the comfort and self-esteem they offer to patients.

Working closely with other specialties such as Oral Surgery, Implantology, Endodontics, Dentistry, Orthodontics and Periodontology, Prosthodontics is responsible for the restoration of oral function, through damaged teeth reconstruction and repair or the placement of dental prostheses (unit, partial or total) in order to replace the missing teeth.

Using the most advanced technological means and materials of excellence, at MALO CLINIC the specialists in Prosthodontics work in coordination with the technicians of MALO CLINIC Ceramics, a laboratory highly specialized in the production of fixed prostheses on implants or natural dentition.

Regardless of the clinical case or the type of prosthesis, molds are made at the beginning of the treatment in order to get clinical information to the laboratory. Then takes place the preparation of the interim prostheses in acrylic or composite, which allow the maintenance of oral functions and are used to study the permanent teeth.

Thus, in this "test" consults, the doctor makes the necessary adjustments so that the final solution guarantees a high level of quality and comfort for the patient.


Dental Veneers

The dental facets are thin ceramic / composite resin blades that adhere to the outer part of the teeth in order to improve their appearance, whether by altering the shape, color or alignment of the teeth themselves.

In this sense, they function as contact lenses (restorations) of reduced thickness, capable of transmitting an excellent aesthetics in a conservative way, taking into account that they involve reduced or, in some cases, non-existent dental wear.

Dental crowns are individualized fixed prostheses that fully cover the tooth (as a whole), aiming to provide aesthetic and resistance to damaged dental pieces. There are several types of materials available in the market for confection of dental crowns, ranging from metal, zirconia, ceramics, among others.

These dental pieces can also be screwed to implants, reproducing the same characteristics (shape and aesthetics) of the lost natural teeth.
Post or Core

Post or Core are elements usually made of a dental alloy to replace or strengthen a root of a structurally compromised tooth, functioning as retention attachments of a restoration. Its use is very frequent in devitalised teeth that have already suffered a significant loss of tooth structure. This way, the placement of theses elements increases the prognosis and longevity of the rehabilitation of this type of teeth.
MALO Acrylic Bridge (MAB)

The MAB is a fixed prosthesis on implants that aims to replace all the teeth of an arch. This treatment solution aims to restore soft and hard tissues through an acrylic system that surrounds a highly resistant titanium infrastructure.
MALO Ceramic Bridge (MCB)

The MCB is the most advanced fixed implant prosthesis in aesthetics, strength and total arch rehabilitation technology. This type of prosthesis is the top of the combination of biomedical engineering with the Procera CAD / CAM technology. It offers patients a functional replica of the natural dentition with individualized ceramic crowns, mimicking the perfect teeth.