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From a small dental practice was born an international brand with more than 24 years of history, innovation, ingenuity, rigor and dedication.
More than two decades gathering knowledge, developing techniques and forming new teams. Caring for patients who that make us grow in experience and performance.

Founded in 1995 is nowadays recognized worldwide for its know-how and innovation, the MALO CLINIC has established itself worldwide, with presence in 4 continents, 8 countries and 22 cities.
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Our vision is to provide innovative solutions in the dental area worldwide, solutions capable of transforming smiles, fulfilling dreams.

Making use of values such as Innovation, Excellence, Integrity, Trust and Passion, our mission is not only the to create and preserve healthy, aesthetically appealing and functional smiles, but also to inspire and teach the world medical community to have the same ambition and entrepreneurship, thereby contributing to the development of strategic partnerships that add value.


24 years of research and development expertise, creating and developing revolutionary and innovative surgical techniques, have made us an international reference.

The result: several implants, components, surgical objects and dental prostheses designed and patented and used by the international medical community, as well as more than 70 Scientific articlespublished in internationally renowned journals;
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MALO CLINIC invests heavily in the high standard of the medical services, equipment and physical spaces it offers, always focusing on the maximum quality of patient care.

Because we believe that you deserve a personalized service and of extreme quality, all our collaborators are committed to making your visit pleasant, as they are permanently at your disposal in order to exceed your expectations.

It is our goal to provide all those who visit us - patients and companions - with maximum well-being and satisfaction. You can enjoy spaces with a contemporary and elegant decoration, thought to the minimum detail to satisfy your needs and guarantee all the comfort you deserve.

The younger ones have not been forgotten ... they have at their disposal a MALO KIDS zone where they can play and give wings to their imagination, helping them to forget all the fears associated with a trip to the dentist.



MALO CLINIC has a multidisciplinary team, internationally recognized and referenced, composed of highly qualified dentists, with more than two decades of knowledge and research, whose experience allows the resolution of complex cases. Dentists are divided by specialty. Each patient receives detailed and personalized follow-up according to their treatment plan.


A very emotive and differentiating communication concept.

Our concept of communication is based on the assumption that the teeth of our patients are precious jewels to us and that our doctors are the artisans, endowed not only with knowledge but also with experience, creativity and sensitivity.Thus, we elevate Dental Medicine to an Art and our dentists to extraordinary Artists. Our Art aims to (re) create smiles and, as a consequence, transform lives! To pass this message we made analogies with the various arts: Sculpture, Painting, Dance, Photography, Performing Arts, Literature, Music and Urban Art. Then we put our doctors in these environments that breathe art.

The next phase, in terms of communication, was aimed to make our differentiating factors - Innovation, Excellence, Leadership, Trust, Safety and Generosity - known. "Words" are not enough, it is important to substantiate them in facts, and that was what we did. But our target audience is extensive and for this reason the communication had to be segmented.
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When we establish partnerships we seek in our allies the same values, the same degree of demand, the excellence in the work done. That's why together we are stronger.
MALO CLINIC and NOBEL BIOCARE have joined forces in the commitment to innovation in Dentistry through the most advanced solutions. We share the demand and the passion for a better quality of life. Together, we offer the most advanced treatment solutions to patients and professionals around the world.

Statement by the President Hans Geiselhöringer
The partnership with KULZER is based on a conscious choice to work side by side with partners of excellence. KULZER’s high standard quality products respond to the needs of a laboratory in continuous development. But this partnership is not just made of products! We collaborate in a number of areas, including research, and we received technical support and a prized service.

Statement by the President Marc Berendes


In order to ensure a high standard of quality, complementary services include:
General Anesthesia and Conscious Sedation
Medical exams
MALO CLINIC Ceramics (Fixed prosthesis laboratory)
MALO CLINIC Education (Professional Training and Consultancy)
DENTINA (Dental Products and Equipment)


By providing innovative solutions to patients and training of its techniques to the medical community, MALO CLINIC has obtained scientific recognition and validation both at a national and International level.

In just a few years, this success and prestige enabled tremendous growth. Patients from all over the world began to go to Portugal in search of these unique procedures and the MALO CLINIC quickly became aware that it was time to internationalize.

Supported by an ambitious expansion strategy that started in 2007, MALO CLINIC has developed its own clinics and partnerships in all continents, which allowed it to reach international visibility and notoriety in the Dental Medicine sector as the dental health group with the largest geographical footprint.

Thanks to its level of excellence and geographic location, MALO CLINIC assures its future growth and intends to place Portugal as a destination of quality in Health Tourism, giving its patients the choice between more cultural and cosmopolitan destinations or more relaxing scenarios with a greater component of leisure.