Because each case is unique, the price will always depend on the most adequate treatment for your dental situation.

At MALO CLINIC all new Clients performed an Assessment Consultation.

Using the most advanced imaging methods, such as Orthopantomography and Upper and Lower CT-Scan, our clinical team will perform a diagnosis that will provide the best solution for your case. During this consultation you will be able to ask the dentist any questions related to your oral health and with the Treatment Plan that is proposed.
Contact us to find out about special campaigns, payment and financing conditions, conventions and protocols, among others.

However, we present you with an indicative price list, where you will find information about the value of the Assessment Consultation, as well as other more specific Assessment Consultations, namely Orthodontics and Maxillofacial Surgery. You will also find a range of dental medicine procedures whose cost does not depend on your dental condition, such as ultrasonic cleaning or bimaxillary oral hygiene, the first Pediatric Dentistry appointment, emergency consultations or consultations for the control of implants and fixed orthodontic appliances.

Common questions

Does MALO CLINIC have agreements with insurance companies?
Is there the possibility of paying in instalments?
How much do treatments at MALO CLINIC cost?