What is the All-on-4®?


All-on-4® Treatment Concept


You can recover your smile in just one day!

The lack of teeth is usually a generator of psychological stress that affects the quality of life and self-esteem. For the vast majority of people affected by this problem, the use of removable prosthesis is quite painful and uncomfortable.

If this is your situation, if you are missing all teeth or if your teeth are no longer viable, then opt for a fixed implant prosthesis.

The All-on-4® Treatment Concept is the ideal solution!

This is a revolutionary procedure developed over two decades ago that allows the rehabilitation of totally edentulous people with the placement of only 4 titanium implants in each jaw, through a quick and minimally invasive procedure.
Pioneers of this technique, at MALO CLINIC we developed a unique protocol that also includes the MALO CLINIC Bridge - a fixed prosthesis of high functional and aesthetic quality - and a strict maintenance protocol.

On the same day you can eat, talk and smile with confidence!