Training programs for dental professionals

Headquartered at MALO CLINIC in Lisbon, MALO CLINIC Education offers training programs for dental professionals - dentists, laboratory technicians, oral hygienists and dental assistants - focused on the latest developments in concepts, technologies and products in the field of Oral Rehabilitation with Dental Implants.

At MALO CLINIC Education, the participants closely follow real cases from the daily work of the clinic, as well as a variety of clinical situations that reflect the reality of dental medicine.

MALO CLINIC Education offers the Community of Dental Medicine Professionals the knowledge acquired through our extensive clinical work and scientific research. We focus essentially on the practical aspect, either through training courses on different topics, live surgeries, clinical case presentations or support for trainees in their own clinical cases.

The surgical block in the Department of Surgery was planned to allow participants in clinical residency to follow all the relevant steps of surgery and immediate delivery of the prosthesis.

Our Training Center offers comfortable conference rooms with video systems for the transmission of live surgeries, using the most advanced technology to allow participants to attend various procedures in detail, as well as a room specially designed for practical training sessions.