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Disruptive, emotional, reactive, sophisticated, innovative. That is our new concept of communication!

The arrival of a new ambassador for MALO CLINIC, Garret McNamara, was celebrated with an approach similar to the mind set of the world record holder for surfed big waves: passion and resilience.

Under the motto "The Art of Creating Smiles," we have drawn the analogy between dentists and artists, where teeth are, as we believe, "precious stones" that must be "carved" with precision and rigor.

Because we are the dental clinic with the greatest geographical footprint, we conceived the image of a world map with the location of the various clinics in 6 continents, 22 countries, 66 cities, thus giving expression to the real dimension of our growth.

The focus on Research and Development, creating and developing surgical techniques as well as innovative products, has made us choose Excellence and Innovation as core concepts. In the same way, the 6 factors that differentiate us: innovation, excellence, leadership, trust, security and generosity, have also been applied in our brand image.

Because we are the creators of a revolutionary surgical technique, the All-on-4®, and we believe that a leader should be distinguished from a follower, we tell the story of this procedure from its inception to the present day. Its evolution and continuous improvement are key factors for success.

Never forgetting the little ones, the MALO KIDS, the idea behind our communication to them looked to highlight the courage and the sense of humor, demystifying old fears and leading children to discover the power of the superheroes they have within.